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Triggerfish are fairly common in South Florida waters where I dive, and can be very territorial and aggressive animals. They are known to take chunks out of a diver if he or she is not paying attention. I have had the “pleasure” of being chased away from a variety of triggerfish in my dive career, however this one definitely takes the cake. I was diving with a very good friend of mine and this small group of about 3 triggerfish followed us for over an hour. Near the end of our dive we found a small nursery that had groupers and lobsters in it, so of course we stopped to check things out. That’s when this triggerfish made his move. He was very upset with me and my camera, really charging me by hitting the strobes and dome of my camera rig. Now I was having such a good time with him because this made for some very good photographs and I was even laughing quite hard. Then all of a sudden, his attention switched from the camera, to my finger. He quickly swam right to my index finger and proceeded to chomp down very hard! While my dive buddy thought it was quite entertaining and was giggling the whole time, I was screaming bloody murder trying to get him to let go of my finger…. eventually he of course did, and I was left stunned but finger still in tact. It made for a great story and even better reference shots to assist me in this painting I created of him. Moral of the story, don’t ever underestimate a triggerfish no matter the size!

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