August 26, 2015

Alan Feldmesser, is now offering personalized drawing and painting lessons for people of all ages and experience. He has the knowledge to teach you how to draw or paint any subject matter you would like to be proficient at. He provides private lessons or will organize small workshop classes of no more than 5 students to ensure adequate time for one on one instruction with each student during the workshop. He will travel to your location and customize times to fit your schedule.

With over 20 years of experience teaching in the arts at both public and private high schools, his expertise is in guiding students in preparing their portfolios for submission to art schools and colleges. All, yes ALL, of his students have been accepted to the colleges of their choice with many receiving scholarships to some of the best art schools in the nation. Many of his students have received major recognition from the renowned Scholastics Art and Writing Awards, and subsequently are judged to be some of the best artists in the nation for their age. The images in this gallery are from students ranging in age from 14-18. Before studying with Alan they all had little to no experience in the visual arts.

Call or email for customized pricing at (754) 200-1278 ; feldmessera@gmail.com